Open PDF File: The Easy Way to Access Your Document

Open PDF File quickly and easily. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format that provides an electronic image of text and graphics that look like a printed document, and you can view it from different devices using some software. Are you looking for ways to open a PDF file? Well, look no further as we’ve written down the steps to help you to open PDF file.

The primary purpose of a PDF is to present a universal file format across the platform. That means the file preserves its quality and is readable in Mac, Windows, or even Android operating systems. PDF also enables users to view the document on their computer screen precisely the way the printing is. 

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How to Use the PDF File

PDF files are like our modern way of opening published books. Most people use PDF files in one way or another:

  • The PDF file has changed the way books are published. Many publishers use this format to allow the readers to get copies of their books in a digital format, commonly referred to as an eBook.
  • Many businesses use it to prepare the forms, memos, and other documents.
  • Because a PDF file is a “read-only” document, and no alteration allowed unless you are the author or the publisher of that particular document. 
  • Important files and documents saved as a PDF file can take up small storage space on your computer. Therefore, they are commonly used to keep bulky materials.

How to Open PDF Files

There are different ways you can use to open a PDF document. Below are some software and operating systems and descriptions of how you can view PDF file using the operating systems:


With the Microsoft Edge browser, users can now view PDF files using this browser. As long as you have Edge as the default program to open it, you can double click on it.  

But if you do not like the Microsoft Edge browser to open a PDF file, you can still use other PDF reader software. You can get Adobe and Foxit PDF readers for free. 


Built-in to Mac OS X is a PDF file viewing functionality through its Preview App. To open the PDF file, you can double click the local file in the Finder or the downloaded file via browser. It allows the Preview app to let you view the document. The preview app only allows basic PDF viewing functionality. Therefore, it won’t display interactive content such as hyperlinks and videos. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for MAC users.


iOS devices allow users to view, sign, and mark PDF files using the pre-installed Book app from Apple. If it is missing from your device, you can always download it via the Apple Store.


Unlike in iOS devices, the Android OS does not have a pre-installed PDF reader. However, there are apps you can download from the Google Play Store. Adobe Acrobat Reader has a mobile version for Android and iOS users alike.

PDF Reader Software

  1. Open the PDF reader software.
  2. On the top left the side of the window, click on the File menu
  3. Click on Open
  4. Browse in the location where the PDF file is saved
  5. Double click on the PDF file

Web Browser

The built-in PDF viewer can set as default. 

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Click More Settings at the upper right corner.
  • Click the Show advanced settings at the bottom.
  • Below “Privacy,” click the Content settings.
  • Scroll at the bottom, below the “PDF Documents,” uncheck the option that states “Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer.” 

Open PDF File: Conclusion

PDF files can contain embedded fonts, images, hyperlinks, text, video, interactive buttons, forms, and many more. PDF files can be used across operating systems because they come in a standardized format.

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