Open RAR File: Complete Guide on RAR

Open RAR File with ease. If you’re dealing with large file sizes regularly, then you might have encountered the RAR file. Similar to other archive file formats, RAR files compress large files for easy sharing and transfer. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to open RAR file using different software.

open rar file

What is a RAR File?

RAR stands for Roshal Archive Compressed file. This file format is a compressed file or data container that could contain one or several files and folders. RAR files are especially useful if you’re dealing with large file sizes.

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Benefits of Using RAR Files

  1. Smaller file sizes. The key advantage of using RAR files is it decreases file sizes. This is especially useful for image files and raw photos. 
  2. Keep everything in one place. Instead of uploading your files one by one, you can keep your files and folders all in one place when you use RAR files. This also means there’s less fuss in transferring multiple files.
  3. Easier file sharing. Because file sizes are smaller, it requires lesser Internet bandwidth and storage space. This is especially great for file transfer over the Internet either via email or cloud storage.

Opening RAR Files

RAR files function the same way as regular folders. The only difference is that they require special software so that you can view and extract the files inside. Below are some software you can use to open and extract RAR files:


You can use several archiving programs to open RAR files on the Windows operating system. These include WinRAR, WinZip, and 7-Zip. Out of the three we’ve mentioned, 7-Zip is the free and open-source software, which makes it popular among users. 

The steps in using any of the software we’ve mentioned are almost similar. You can view the contents of a RAR file by simply double-clicking on it. But to use the files inside a RAR file, you must extract them first. We’ve written the steps below to extract RAR files in 7-Zip:

  1. Right-click on the RAR file
  2. Select on one of the Extract options: Extract files, Extract Here, Extract to “…”
  3. The program will automatically extract the contents of the RAR file to your desired location


Unlike in Windows, there are limited archiving tools available for Mac. But one of the best options is The Unarchiver, which is a free app. Before extracting any RAR files, make sure that you have selected the RAR as an associated file type.

After you have selected the associated file types, you can extract any RAR file by simply double-clicking on the file. The program will create a folder with the same name as the archive and extracts the contents to the new folder.

Open RAR File: Conclusion

RAR files are compressed files that contain other files and folders. Using archive file formats like RAR is popular among users because it decreases file sizes. The reduced file sizes make it easier to upload and download files from the Internet.

You have to use special software in opening and extracting RAR files. We’ve mentioned two free, and open-source software above that will work fine for your operating system. 

Do you have more questions about the RAR file? Leave us a message in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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